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Learning doesn't have to stop after the bell rings! Mad Science after-school programs are both educational and fun. Each of our hands-on classes are themed around a particular area of science and include an assortment of science experiments and activities that will challenge each student and allow them to channel their inner scientist!

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All About Our After-School Programs

Educational Science-Themed Take-Home Creations

At the end of each class, students get to take home their very own Mad Science educational science-themed creation that directly reflects what they learned that day.


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Happy Customers

Here's what schools have to say about our after-school programs!

Mad Science is a terrific program for today’s students. Our students have enjoyed the hands-on and challenging experiences that foster creative and higher-level thinking and problem-solving. Our school has appreciated the attention to detail as they use our facilities. Thanks to all at Mad Science!!!

Linda, Principal

Dallas, TX

Program was excellent! Children became very aware that science is not just fancy demonstrations utilizing complicated equipment. Science is everywhere - what a great motivator!


West New Jersey, NJ

Our parents and children loved the lunch time program. It was easy for us to implement...virtually hands free. We will have you back again and again.


Toronto, ON


How long are your programs (weeks and hours)?

Our standard program is held immediately after school for 60-90 minutes and typically lasts between 6 and 12 weeks. However, Mad Science can accommodate program requests of 4 to 20 weeks. We will be happy to discuss any atypical scheduling needs. Preschool clubs are generally 45 minute sessions.


Who pays for an after-school program?

Typically, after-school programs are paid for by parents. In some cases, a PTA or other organization may opt to pay part or all of the students' enrollment.


Is this a stand-alone after-school program?

Our programs can fit in with existing enrichment programs or stand alone. We can adapt to most situations.


Who are your instructors?

Mad Science recruits former teachers and current college students majoring in education with previous classroom experience or have worked with groups of elementary aged children in other settings. All instructors are registered volunteers with WCPSS and must pass NC and national background checks.


What is the cost?

The typical cost for an 8 week 90 minute session is $119/child. For WCPSS, it is $139. Parent cost may vary depending on facility fees and school cost splits. Cost varies based on duration of the class and number of sessions.


How much of our time is required to administer the program?

If you choose the turn-key approach, the client coordinator will invest 2 hours or less over a 4 week period for the first series. The amount of time involved usually decreases for subsequent offerings. Most of your involvement is upfront by providing details necessary to set up the program.


What does Mad Science need from our organization?

Mad Science will need someone from your organization to provide us with details and help with any coordination. We recommend reserving classrooms used for grades 3 to 5, with adequate chairs and work surfaces. The instructor will need a table for their equipment, and access to electricity and water.


Do you have a minimum and maximum class size?

Our classes require a minimum enrollment of 10 paid students. Class size will be limited to 20 or less, given the interactive and hands-on nature of our instruction. A program may be conducted even if the class minimum is not met, at the discretion of Mad Science.


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