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Mad Science Camp Themes

Times, dates and pricing vary by location.



Children overcome a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors, and most importantly, their minds. With a bit of ingenuity, they create catapults and forts, construct working light sticks, and assemble a set of circuits with batteries and light bulbs.


Secret Agent Lab

This program features fun-filled, hands-on, secret agent-themed science activities that allow kids to play detective, explore forensic science, sharpen their surveillance skills, and crack encrypted messages. Kids become super sleuths!


NASA Journey into Outer Space

Set your future space explorers on a trajectory from our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system! This hands-on program brings them closer to the stars, planets, comets, and more. They learn about living in space, getting away from gravity, looking for space phenomena, and they participate in a rocket launch!


Guts, Goo and Gross Science

Children discover how to compare fingerprints and discover the mysteries of DNA, make "brain goo" and check out bones on the organ trail. \nLearn about the organ systems and the cells that compose them with an introduction to the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, and muscular systems.


Shipwreck Island

Children explore a "deserted island" where they must work together to create a plan for collecting food and water, build shelters, bridges and more! They use the tools at hand to write messages to send in a bottle and witness a volcanic eruption. The children eventually design a means to escape the island and come home.


Birds, Beasts and Beyond: Earth Explorations

Children will have fun with hands-on experiments that will increase their understanding of our good ship Earth! They will learn how animals are camouflaged and go on the hunt for scents and tracks as they take a walk on the wild side of science, and discover what adversely affects our planet as we explore conservation.


3,2,1.... Blast Off!

This program focuses on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers build ten different types of rockets and participate in the launching of 6 different rockets.


Spy Academy

Children will use their powers of observation to solve problems and uncover crimes. Check out security systems, cool spy equipment, and discover proper procedures that are used in real crime scene labs! The key to being a great spy is your ability to use science to “sniff” out suspects and uncover their secrets.


Physics Fun: Games of Motion

Gravity... Inertia... Centripetal force... who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun? We’ll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and create some cool devices to watch them at work! Children will build a rocket from recycled materials, a gravity simulator, learn how your favorite games and toys are all about physics!


Flight Academy

From the earliest flying machines to the first rocket flights, this hands-on program will allow campers to build many different flying devices. Junior test pilots will launch a variety of flying machines including; balloon copters, a hovercraft, paper airplanes, kites, Frisbees, parachutes, a solar bag, solid fuel rockets and more!


Brixology: Engineering 101

Join us for a week of engineering using popular building toys. Find out how mechanical and civil engineers overcome forces of gravity and inertia to design structures. Learn the steps in the Engineering Design Process as you build a carnival ride, bridges, tower, elevator, and space station.


Brixology: Things That Move

Extend your engineering knowledge by adding motors and movement to your designs. Experiment with gears, motors, and propulsion to make things move. Use the Engineering Design Process and learn about mechanical engineering and biomimicry. Use your new knowledge to build a paddle boat, car, walking ant, and a machine that draws on its own.


Let’s Get Growing: Garden Camp

In this fun hands-on camp week, preschoolers will discover how, why, and where things grow, how weather affects our gardens and the basic science of seeds. They will also get acquainted with the many “creepy crawly” inhabitants of the garden & how those insects help make gardens so beautiful!


Crazy Chemworks

Children will both learn and apply the concepts, tools and techniques of real chemists! Campers will learn real lab techniques and safety procedures, and use these throughout the week. They will experiment with super-sticky-stuff, explore glow-in-the-dark technology, mix potions, make slime, and grow crystals! Each camper will take home a full set of Mad Science lab gear!


STEAM Camp: Design, Build, Create

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are all explored in this camp! Put on your engineer's hat for this exciting week, where we will assemble and work with a variety of simple machines, structures and more! Help your child become a true Mad Scientist as you learn about chemical reactions, and a young astronaut while exploring the mysteries of the solar system.


Red Hot Robots

Children learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with super cool red-hot robots. They discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. They build their very own working robot to take home with them!


All About Rockets

Aspiring rocket scientists master the model rocket safety code and are cleared for launch! In this camp, students will focus solely on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. They will prepare for launches, perform the role of altitude trackers and launch rockets propelled by water and solid fuel engines. Young rocket scientists will build multiple designs and participate in daily launches.