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Slime! Slime! Slime! Options (choose 3)

  • SLIPPERY SLIME: Always very popular, children choose their color and stir liquids together to make “Slime”. With or without bling! Even choose G-I-D!

  • MARSHMALLOW FLUFF SLIME: This shaving cream based slime has the consistency of a marshmallow smore!

  • FLOAM SLIME: Tiny styrofoam balls transform regular slime into floam-y fun.

  • GLITTER SLIME: Using a clear glue base helps contain the shiny, shimmery, glitter ball.

  • MAD PUTTY: Comparable to many DIY slimes, learn the proper method to make perfect white glue based slime every time.

  • MAGIC MUD: This cornstarch based creation has amazing properties and teaches us about Non-Newtonian fluids.

  • SNOWBALL SLIME: Sure snow is fun - but how about a perfect snowball? Mix slime and Insta-Snow to create a wintery wonder anytime of year.

  • CLOUD SLIME: Use a liquid starch based creation to make a slime that is fluffy, stretchy, and fun!