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Starting at $189, gratuity is appreciated


Jr Ice Princess Party Theme

Do you have a Frozen fan in your house? They'll love this party option! Do you want to build a snowman? We do it with chemistry! Meet Eggbert the Troll, grow a "snow" monster, explore ice blocks and more in this chilly adventure! Kids instantly make some "snow" to keep (even in summer!). Add this theme for $30 extra.

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Jr Space Explorer Party Theme

Jr Mad Scientists learn what makes Earth's atmosphere unique for life and why space is inhospitable. Venture into space on an imaginary trip to visit other planets and moons, collect chemical samples, and more! See how a real comet might behave through dry ice experiments by the Mad Scientist. Students will be upgraded to receive a finger rocket to take home! Add this theme for $30 extra.

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Rocket Launch Finale

3...2...1...Blast off! Your child will push the launch button to send a model rocket flying 75-100 feet in the air AND the birthday child receives a new rocket kit! This finale requires an open outdoor space of 20+ sq. ft. Add a Rocket Launch finale for $30 extra (doing so will add on 15 minutes to your party).


Cotton Candy Finale

We bring the Cotton Candy machine to your party and change the state of matter with "good taste". Add 15 minutes of unlimited Cotton Candy for $30 extra (available to all in attendance!). NOTE: In summer or humidity, Cotton Candy must be done indoors.


Electric Lab Finale

It is shocking how much fun a Van de Graaff generator is! Kids love this hair raising experience when static electricity is transported to the tips of each hair on their head. Add the Electric Lab finale to your party for $30 extra (doing so will add on 15 minutes to your party). NOTE: in summer of humidity this must be done indoors.


T-Shirt Add-On

Add T-Shirts to your party for an additional $8/shirt.


Goody Bag Add-On

Add goody bags to your party for an additional $5/child.


Lab Coats

Add Lab Coats to your party for an additional $8/coat.

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