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Our Demonstration Fun Station Themes

$99/hour • 50 kids/hr • No Take Home


Vortex Knockdown

Set up like a carnival game, kids will line up to try their hand at the vortex knockdown! Line up and aim to be the first in your group to knockdown your cup pyramid target! No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 5-11.


Zap Attack

It’s hair-raising fun with our electrostatic Van der Graaf generator! It is shocking how much fun it is! This is literally a hair raising experience when kids step up and touch the silver sphere with static electricity trapped inside, transporting the energy to the tips of each hair on their head. No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 5-11.


Optical Illusions

This topsy-turvy station challenges children to see the physics of optical illusions. Children discover optical illusions as a twisting coil climbs up and down without moving, and when a towel turns into a dog! Children manipulate flexible mirrors and explore the world with inverted vision. Laminates provide children the opportunity to create illusions. No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 5-11.


Flight Competition

Students will have a chance to design their own paper airplane or use one of the provided designs and our “Mad Science helper” if they need some guidance. After creating their aircraft, students will have a chance to fly – aiming for the longest distance traveled. Students can keep their builds. *requires a clear area to aim planes. No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 7-11.


Space Discovery Station

Race rockets to through the solar system using hand rocket blasters. Help Arnie the Astronaut learn to use his helmet while training for a space mission. Use pompoms to see how Earth's atmosphere is unique from the other planets. Explore what happens to a marshmallow in the vacuum of space. No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 3-10.


Forces Fun Station

Find out what makes the world go around in an entertaining introduction to basic concepts of forces. Sir Isaac Newton would be proud when young scientists investigate his law of inertia. Children experiment with mass and balance by finding Washington’s center of gravity. Gyroscopes, wheels, and tornadoes reveal concepts of precession and centripetal force. No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 5-11.


Sound Science Station

Engaging sound experiments and live demonstrations show properties and transmission of sound waves. Children listen to sounds made with solid materials, like plastic, metal, and string. Create a symphony of story sound effects from unlikely objects. Electronic devices reveal frequency when a pitch-changing machine alters voices to gruff monsters or chipmunks. No take home.50 kids/hour, ages 3-11.


Wacky Weather Station

Children discover how air affects weather, and perform a test to prove that air is everywhere. Children try out tools that meteorologists use to measure weather. They can create a mini rainstorm, mimic a cloud formation and stage a statically charged indoor storm. No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 5-11.


Mad Machines Station

Children discover how simple machines make our lives easier. They learn about the 6 different types of simple machines: the screw, lever, inclined plane, wedge, pulley, and wheel and axle. Children launch with levers, secure with screws and work with wedges through hands-on activities! Knock down a bucket wall with the Mad Science Trebuchet (100+ ft required) No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 5-11.


Magnetizing Science Station

We will reveal the science behind magnet magic and mysteries. Children use magnetic wands to explore magnetic fields and repelling forces, confuse compass needles, and magnetize paper clips. The magnetic accelerator illustrates the magnet's gravity-defying abilities, and explorations with compasses educate children about the Earth’s magnetic properties. No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 3-11.


Powerful Pressure Station

We will all join Bernoulli as we take an exciting look at the science behind air pressure. Children can create a whirlwind with an Airzooka vortex generator, and make pucks and balls levitate with air pressure! They can also launch foam rockets balance a ping pong ball with their breath! No take home. 50 kids/hour, ages 5-11.