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Birthday party

Party Prices and Packages for ages 4 - 11: Starting at $169

Mad Science parties are one to two hour parties for ages 4-11 held at YOUR location or OURS - all parties include a hands-on make and take item!

Kids will be amazed by the number of cool and interactive demonstrations, chemical reactions, and activities!

Parents will love the fact that Mad Science birthday parties are mess-free and hassle-free.

Mad Science has everything you need to make your child's party a success! 


CLICK HERE to Book your Party now, or use this page to walk through  all of our party options before booking!


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Please note, pricing does not include gratuity.

Pick Your Location:

My home or other venue I have secured.

I want to host my party at the Mad Science Lab.


Pick Your Party Package:

Mad Lab Party (Ages 5 - 11):

One hour of thrilling entertainment! Kids will enjoy a 45-minute show full of science excitement followed by 15 minutes making something to take home. You may choose from slippery slime or mad putty. For ages 7 and up we can also do super bouncy balls (Parties of up to 20 kids only).
Max 40 kids.

Up to 10 kids

11 - 20 kids
Add $2 per extra child
Calculated at the time of the party

Up to 30 kids
Instructor Assistant included

31 - 40 kids*
Instructor Assistant included
*16% Gratuity will automatically be added to invoices for parties with more than 30 children.



Jr. Lab Party (Ages 4 - 6):

Our most popular option for preschoolers! During this 60-minute program everybody gets to see, touch, and even help out with the experiments. Your child will get to be our special birthday helper for some of the experiments. This party includes our bubbling potion finale. It's normally a $30 upgrade, but it's so much fun for the little guys that we include it at no extra cost for preschoolers. Every child will create their own Mad Putty to take home. Max 20 kids.

Up to 10 kids

11 - 20 kids
Add $2 per extra child
Calculated at the time of the party.





Pick Your Take Home:

Mad Putty (Ages 4 - 11):

Just like you played with as a child, Mad Putty is another polymer (In fact, anything that stretches is a polymer.), children stir the thin liquids together to make thick putty that provides hours of fun.
Choose this as your one included take home item: Mad Lab Package.
Automatically included in Jr. Lab Package.

Slippery Slime (Ages 5 - 11):

Always very popular, children choose their color and stir liquids together to make “Slime”. This is an introduction to polymers (long strands of molecules linked together). Slime is 99% water—pull slowly and it stretches; pull quickly and the bonds break.
Choose this as your one included take home item: Mad Lab Package.

Slippery Slime with Slime Bling! (Ages 5 - 11): 

Upgrade your slime experience for even more unique fun! Each child will get to choose one of the 6 different options below.

Iridescent Slime - Iridescent glitter and confetti add a magical touch to your slime whether it's for a mermaid, princess, or unicorn.
Dragon Scales - Metallic glitter in bright jewel tones will transform your clear slime into an adventurous potion guaranteed to satisfy any dragon tamer, wizard, or self rescuing princess.
Crunchy Slime - Small styrofoam balls will make a sensory experience unlike any others. Mixed with our Mad Science slime it becomes frog eggs, ogre boogers, or just fun to touch.
Polka Dots - Colorful mini pom-poms disperse through the mixture to create a polka dotted effect sure to delight everyone.
Snowballs - A scoop of instant snow turns slime into a year round snow ball.
Treasures - Flashy jewels will make a slimy treasure for your princess, pirate, or treasure hunter. 

Bling kits will also include various glitters* and coloring for the slime. *Glitter may be excluded upon request.

Add this to your one included take home slime item: Mad Lab Package for $10 for up to 20 kids.
Not available for parties with more than 20 kids.

Super Bouncy Balls (Ages 7 - 11):

Make super balls with this hands-on project! Kids add the polymer crystals to the mold and immerse in water for 3 minutes. Presto! The super ball is ready for some supercharged bouncing!
Choose this as your one included take home item: Mad Lab Package.Periscopes
Add as a second take home item for $2 per child.

Not available for parties with more than 20 kids.

Sun Bead Keychains (Ages 7 - 11):

Build UV awareness with our cool UV bead key chain that is easy to assemble and hook onto a knapsack or jacket. Children observe the white UV sensitive beads instantly change color when exposed to the sun. Learning about the sun was never so much fun!
Upgrade and choose this as your one included take home item for $2 per child: Mad Lab Package.
Add as a second take home for $3 per child.

Periscopes (Ages 7 - 11):

Children build a periscope that really works! Children will be able to look around corners and see from a greater height when they turn a colorful, flat object into a box with the help of mirrors and tape.
Upgrade and choose this as your one included take home item for $3 per child: Mad Lab Package.
Add as a second take home for $4 per child.

Not available for parties with more than 20 kids.



Pick Your Finales: Add $30 per

Bubbling Potions:

Dry ice is cold (-79 degrees Celsius) and cool! Observe it in solid form and sublimating. Observe it make metal sizzle, jump and rattle. Kids experience cool demonstrations like “The Big Burp”, potions that ooze gas clouds, a bubble shower of opaque carbon dioxide and a big fog cemetery movie effect. We LOVE this finale!
Automatically included in Jr. Lab Package for no additional charge.


Rocket Launch:

The Skyblazer Rocket is a colorful and fun way to explore rocket science! After the countdown, your child will push the launch button to ignite the solid propellant engine which blasts the rocket high into the air; a parachute deploys and the rocket floats back to earth. The birthday child receives a new rocket kit to assemble as a souvenir. We will need an open outdoor space that is at least 20 sq ft. This is our most popular finale!


Cotton Candy:

We bring the Cotton Candy machine to your party and change the state of matter with “good taste”. Yes, science is all around us. Unlimited Cotton Candy is available to all in attendance for up to 15 minutes of cotton candy making after the Mad Science Show.

Electric Lab:

It is shocking how much fun a Van de Graaff generator is! This is literally a hair raising experience when kids step up and touch the silver sphere with static electricity trapped inside, transporting the energy to the tips of each hair on their head.

Spin Art:

Each child will make their own Spin Art card to take home with them, including a frame. The Mad Scientist will explain why the paint makes the art that it does!
This finale is not recommended for the Jr. Lab Package.



Goody Bags

Pick Your Goodies:

Goody Bags: Include 6 science items

  • 1 Colorful Goody Bag
  • 1 Helix Flyer
  • 1 Mad Science Putty
  • Mad Science Temporary Tattoos
  • 1 Spin Disc
  • 1 Flip Top
  • Mad Science Stickers

Add Goody Bags to your package for $5 per. Purchase 10 or more and the birthday child's bag is free!


Mad Science Lab Coats for kids:

Make your birthday child feel like a "Mad Scientist" with his/her very own Mad Science Lab Coat, or why not turn your house into a laboratory of "Mad Scientists" with lab coats for all of your guests? Designed for kids ages 5-12, these lab coats feature the Mad Science logo on the front left chest and a colorful, attractive design across the coat’s back. 
Add Lab Coats to your package for $8 per. 


Mad Science T-Shirts for kids:

Have your child feel like a real "Mad Scientist" with their very own excellent quality, cotton Mad Science t-shirt. 
Add a T-Shirt for the birthday child for $8. Purchase 10 or more for your party goers and the birthday child's shirt is free!

Mad Science Travel Fees:

    Mad Science covers the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. 

    A travel charge may apply outside of these areas. For current travel rates:


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